Hallo, TokenFYT lezers,

Thats Dutch for "Hello, TokenFYT readers." I'll admit it though, I cheated and used Google translate. I said it in Dutch because I'm in Holland, in case you didn't get it.

On to site stuff. School has become pretty full time, and Tanner and I have both been pretty distracted from the site. However, school has also brought me back to the site. I found a bunch of sound files I'm uploading ( for more info, see the forum ) for other students to use. 

As for site production, I don't se much happening in the foreseeable future. With school, relationships, and hobbies, we can't make this site the way we want to. 

Dear TokenFYT readers,

It's been so long. Since April, I think. That's what, five months? Holy shit, it's been FIVE MONTHS. Sure, we've been busy, but still... Good grief.

A lot has happened. Tanner got into Game Development, I got into Game Development ( at a different school ), Dan is going to Toronto ( not far, but still makes getting together difficult ), and we've all been busy with other things too. We talk about the website, we bring some people in, we talk to them, but that seems to be all we're doing. 

Well, that's changing. I added a DnD section to the forums where my friends and myself are going to keep playing our campaigns. Because I'll be going there regularly, I'll be getting constant reminders about TokenFYT. I'll remember to keep on working on this website, to keep adding new posts, to just keep doing things.

Dear TokenFYT viewers,

So, as you may have heard ( if you read this you will have heard ), Tanner and I both gave up video games for Lent. Neither of us are religious, we did it more as a challenge. A challenge to show that we are strong. Independent. Able to entertain ourselves. Able to survive without them. And what a journey it was. Well, for one of us. Well, neither of us, really. Let me explain.

Three days after Lent began, Tanner was the first to fold. I, on the other hand, have survived! I did not buckle. I did not cave. I did not give in! I lasted ALL THE DAYS! How did I do it, I hear you ask? Quite easily, I respond. I read books. Six of them, to be precise. I spent much time with my girlfriend. I played tennis with Tanner. 

Oh sure, when I was with my friends, and they were playing a four player game and only three of them were playing, it was tempting. It was tempting to join in the Starcraft II shenanigans that occur. Frequently. Same with Battlefield 3, L4D, and Cry of Fear. When I was bored, I wanted to play Don't Run With a Plasma Sword. But I didn't. It wasn't that it took a lot o willpower. It's just that the temptation was very small. I congratulate any of you who also made it through Lent, whatever you gave up.

Anyway, enough about me. Well, kinda. Now, the site ( where I still talk about me ). 

After much debate between Tanner and I, we have decided to make our site from hand, with HTML. This is definitely something I would rather not do. Especially when he wants to purchase the forum code for the same reason I want to purchase the website code. He contradicts himself this way. It was very annoying. Nonetheless, we have decided to learn HTML. This will set us back us quite the amount. It will save us a tiny amount of money. We will learn HTML, but I doubt we will achieve a professional level of quality very easily, if ever, with just coding.


As you can see, I'm a very lazy bast*rd. I would much rather spend the money and have it all done for me. Oh well. 

Other than that, there is nothing I can think of to say to you.

Farewell, TokenFYT readers,

To go on a lent considering you're in but the fledgling stages of building a website, but hey what the hell.

Oh hey, second post ever, GO ME.

In all seriousness though, I'm doing it. A month and a half of game-free, unhindered creativity and productivity, that's the plan. Considering that this is only my second blog post since the site's inception (love that word). I think now is as good a time as ever to get into the swing of things.

I have some cool ideas for the site on the go. Joel threw some of them up already in a previous post (which at the time of writing you managed to leave untitled ;P) and it'll be interesting to see what we can get up and working now that we have a lot of time to sink into it.

1) First and foremost it would be nice to break away from the Weebly service we're using to make our site run. Not the best idea right now though since we're not yet posting on a regular basis and used to keeping up content.

2)  A forum that feels right in the site, I gave a shot at vanilla forums which seemed to work pretty well, but I had two instances of it running all the time for some reason and tossed it for now until I can sit down and really learn the ins and outs of it. Personally I enjoyed the forum service and it's simplicity, and how it feels like part of the site rather that something so visually and functionality different that it wants to be a standalone site. It has less of a presence than Simple Machines forums or vBulletin. Which is good or bad depending on the site, we'll have to see. 

3) A profile system for members of the site :). It's key if we want to go with our "tailor our content to the interests of people's profiles" thing. This could again be handled with forums with polls built in, but we'll see. Luckily we have room to experiment ;).

4) Twitter integration? Weebly asks if we'd like to post to twitter when we do an update anyways, why not make use of it? I see lots of websites have it implemented, and you can have a live stream of related things (then again a lot of it is Unrelated but hey just an idea)

5) Podcasts and reviews are on the list, but those are coming up over these next while :)

Now that ladies and gentlemen, that was a post :) nice.

Good day,

So, back with news. After having some nice long talks, and figuring some things out, we've decided to change some stuff. 

You see, we originally made this site so we could go to E3. We wanted to do a few reviews, do some podcasting, talk to people. After watching much Day9, and telling of my experiences with Patrick Rothfuss, we've decided to mix all that. We'll be doing live streams of us playing, and talking about, some games. We'll do live video chats with people from the community. We'll also do some reviews. Most of all, we'll have fun.

Seeing as how having fun is important, I had fun making Dan's intro page. the writing on the right is his, the writing on the left is mine. It's not true at all. Dan loves food, his names do not include "Bartholomew" or "the Fourtheenth", and he smells nothing like Dan. 

So, until there is more fun to be had, adios until later.


Hello TokenFYT,

As promised, I put up the staff page. Everyone but one of us is up there, and I hope that we'll just keep expanding, and that that page will get larger and larger.

As I sit here, working away while my compatriots play Smash, I am glad that there was progress. We're getting somewhere!

To progress!

Salutem amici,

I'm a few days late, but bah! I'm the only one who posts stuff anyways. New news! We'll be making a page where you'll be able to see the various staff we have! Which is ( right now ) four people! Sweet! 

This page will be up tonight/tomorrow morning, for all of you to see! Progress! Bwuhahahahahaha!


Greetings TokenFYT fans, all probably-less-than-ten of you,

Firstly, let me apologize for not keeping to my "once every two weeks" promise. It has been almost a month. In the madness of finals and exams, I had completely forgotten about you. But fear not, for changes are about to occur. 

As to what the changes are, I cannot say much. There is much evidence that shows keeping goals a secret makes you more likely to achieve them. Here is a really good video to watch about it.

So, as you can see, there isn't much being done this time around, besides a merry belated Christmas and New Year's. If you don't celebrate them, I extend my heartfelt "merry Christmas and New Year's" to you as well. You still get love. I'll also get that other guy to post some stuff here.

Until next time ( preferably less than two weeks ),

Loyal followers of TokenFYT,

    First off, I guess I should say that the site stuff is going to be pretty even for the next little bit. We're going to learn how to balance our school with our work with our site. We'll be studying for exams, working to make some money, and doing tons of stuff in our free time to make this site awesome. Let me tell you a bit about what we have planned for you. Let me tell you all about some of the awesome stuff we're going to do, just for you.

    We have all kinds of amazing things planned for you guys. We're going to have a whole crew of people writing for you, writing reviews, opinion articles, and anything else you guys ask for that passes our criteria. I have plans to eventually create a place where members of the community can write their own articles, on whatever they want, and the top voted ones will be featured on the pages of our site. If people are consistent with their timing and make good quality stuff, well, that person will probably get an invite to be an official part of the team. I would love to have people from all over write for us.

    As you may have noticed, we have pictures of us ( well, me, because I wrote this article ) besides the articles we write. You'll see Tanner, Ryan K, Dan, and our other writers as they publish their articles. We'll have some infrequent writers you'll see too, most likely, and any community writers can send us their pictures to post up here too. You may also have noticed how it's a full body picture, instead of just a head shot. We're also going to make each avatar totally unique, for extra cool. It gives our articles a hit of personality.

    We're going to have an awesome profile setup too. Whenever you see a name in an article, you'll be able to click it to bring you to their profile page. You'll be able to send them messages, ask them questions, leave them comments, or just have a look at what they've done recently. 

    And of course, as gamers, we will do our best to integrate with Steam eventually. At the very least, we'll have Steam support. We'll post up stuff we do on PSN and Live as well. We'll host some competitions every now and again, and we play a lot of online games for people to just pop in on. We'll grab some servers too, for some of the games we ( you, me, and the rest of the TokenFYT team ) really enjoy. We'll make this site an awesome thing you'll be coming to everyday.

Being awesome with his team,




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Has thou heard the news? Well, first, what do you know about gog.com? Gog, or Good Old Games, is a service like Steam. It sells all kinds of awesome games. Their sell point comes in the fact that they only sell old games. And the Witcher 2. They sell games like MDK, Beyond Good & Evil, Might and Magic, etc. They sell the games cheap, all the games come with bonus stuff. They come fully updated, have all the expansions, come with artwork, wallpapers, soundtracks, etc. They also guarantee your game to work on Windows XP and 7. 

Well now they sell new games too. To me, this is disappointing. It feels like what was the antique store is now a modern art store, with an antique section. Alas, until they finish their transition, I won't be able to know for sure if I'm right or not. Time will tell, as they say, but I will be disappointed no matter what. It's just how disappointed I will be.

Bringing you your updates early,